Nae Regrets play Gung Haggis Fat Choy in Seattle

Dwayne ate haggis for the first … and he liked it!
Picture provided by Jeff Haws
Yes, that’s right, my guys played the Seattle Gung Haggis Fat Choy on 19February2012.  While persenting the salute to the haggis, Robert Burns style but as a rap, in an impromptue moment Dwayne got called up to eat haggis.  To my understanding 1) Dwayne has never had haggis before, and 2) Dwayne still doesn’t know what’s in haggis (BTW folks, its really much better than folks complain, and usually those folks have never had it).  Dwayne reported that he liked it, and as this was in front of the WHOLE Seattle GHFC audience, I’m thinking about allowing Dwayne to bypass the customary Nae Regrets’ new musician initiation.  We had two crazy sets during both we debuted new music — music the GHFC crowd has not heard and also new tunes we’ve not performed yet.  BassMan BriAn sported a shiny new mohawk (it even had that ‘new mohawk smell’), a must-see Seattle land-mark if you’re a tourist; I’m still looking for a picture of the new ‘hawk for reasons of prosperity and scientific review.  (NOTE – Picture provided for use with kind permission by Jeff Haws — Thanks Jeff!)