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Northwest Folklife 2014

DSC_0113 (2) EDITNae Regrets has made it’s triumphant return to Northwest Folklife 2014 — after 2 years of being away, we’rrrreee baaaa-aacckk!  Our shows have been going well — we’ve been gaining new fans and reconnecting with our tried & true fans.  We’ve also been getting rained on … and pipes don’t work so well when they’re wet.

Today we had our traditional Big Blow Out Show.  We were joined by one of our consummate trooper bellydancers, Deidra, and met a new-to-us dancer, Rebecca.  Both ladies were great and the show went well.  Early this weekend NWFolklife planners were talking about putting us back on a stage if we return for 2015.

In the evenings I’ve been workin’ on the railroad … er, I mean, working on our new webpage.  My initial tweaks went well, everything since has gone … well, elsewhere … but then — as the saying goes — “I’m hardware”.  I’ve put a note into our web-mistress that I’m screwing up her work, or at least screwing up something with this site, and she’ll take a stab at it as soon as she can.

In the mean time … we have ONE MORE DAY OF FOLKLIFE!!!  So … come out and see us.

(Psst!  What’s after that?  We’re working on lining up some shows around the 4th of July.)

Right Now Nae Regrets’ News!

(ORIGINALLY POSTED Feb 2, 2012 @ 8:46)

7March2012 @ 1:49PM ~ by BagpiperDon

In preparation for our St. Patrick’s Day performances Nae Regrets has scheduled 2 days of rehearal this weekend.  BassMan BriAn & I intend to broadcast some of this work on or a similar site. No guarantees on the sound or video quality since we’ll be cobbling our meager gear together to pull it off, but starving artists have to start somewhere right?  Providing we hold an e-performance, watch the Nae Regrets’ FaceBook fanpage for further show-time(s) information.

Nae Regrets play Gung Haggis Fat Choy in Seattle

Dwayne ate haggis for the first … and he liked it!
Picture provided by Jeff Haws
Yes, that’s right, my guys played the Seattle Gung Haggis Fat Choy on 19February2012.  While persenting the salute to the haggis, Robert Burns style but as a rap, in an impromptue moment Dwayne got called up to eat haggis.  To my understanding 1) Dwayne has never had haggis before, and 2) Dwayne still doesn’t know what’s in haggis (BTW folks, its really much better than folks complain, and usually those folks have never had it).  Dwayne reported that he liked it, and as this was in front of the WHOLE Seattle GHFC audience, I’m thinking about allowing Dwayne to bypass the customary Nae Regrets’ new musician initiation.  We had two crazy sets during both we debuted new music — music the GHFC crowd has not heard and also new tunes we’ve not performed yet.  BassMan BriAn sported a shiny new mohawk (it even had that ‘new mohawk smell’), a must-see Seattle land-mark if you’re a tourist; I’m still looking for a picture of the new ‘hawk for reasons of prosperity and scientific review.  (NOTE – Picture provided for use with kind permission by Jeff Haws — Thanks Jeff!)

Calling All Graphic Artists!

Your logo help is needed…

I’m pleased to announce that Nae Regrets is finally GROWING!  The sound is expanding, new music is developing, and my hunger from skipping lunch is growing.  We’re also growing our aesthetic adding to my band members’ appearance, to the website, and to our upcoming albums (psst — we’re working toward 2 right now!).  With this, Nae Regrets needs a logo!

After much contemplation & deliberation the Nae Regrets’ Research & Development department has identified the basis of a logo concept — a triple spiral better known as a Triskelion or Triskele, as featured to the right.  My intention is to use this on the website, the next album, on band shirts for our fans, and on our own performance clothing … on a banner, a bass drum head like every other band, playbills, et cetera.

This is all well and fine of course, however while Nae Regrets has a R&D department and Web Team, we are desperately lacking a Graphics Design house (budget cut-backs from last year, you understand — Bill Gates apparently didn’t see us as a charitable cause).  While the sample featured here is only a demo, we need our own work done, and as with most current Nae Regrets’ endeavours we need this work prepared for free or cheap — please  contact me if you think you can help.  We (as in me) can promise to repay you in the form of lauding on gratitude, web links, copies of finished product, and a hand-shake or a hug if ever in the same town … and lunch, I can probably buy you lunch.  Speaking of which, I’m off to scrounge up dinner…

Nae Regrets’ Playing St. Patrick’s Day 2012

17March2012 Tour … yeah, so what if its a 1-day tour?

Since St. Patrick’s Day 2009 Nae Regrets has played to lively Mick Finster’s Pub & Grill guests.  Mick Finster’s is great — they have asked that Nae Regrets keep them on our annual calendar & of course we aim to please!  We’re also planning other shows throughout the day around the greater-Greater Seattle Area — watch out for our schedule updates.  The 2012 line-up will be the power-trio of your favourite BassMan BriAn,  newly presenting Mike AKA “Thumper” on drum kit, and yours-truly playing Highland bagpipes like a banshee … but a male one of course, if they were to exist.  Presently Nae Regrets also looks to feature not one but two most-awesome bellydancers Seraphina Fiero and Deidra … oh yes, this is a no-miss one-day “Tour”.

St. Patrick’s Day 2012 Schedule
Mick Finster’s – 1hr set between 530 & 7PM 17Mar2012 WITH BELLYDANCERS
Private Party – 30min set around 8PM 17Mar2012

Nae Regrets Wants YOU!

Send Us Your Videos/Photos …and Musicians

Northwest Folklife 2011 as always was a great event for Nae Regrets — if you were there thank you for coming out and partying with us.  If you got any photos or videos of us, please contact us and let us know where they’re posted — we like seeing your pictures too!Many people have asked us when & where is our next big show.  You asked for it –You Got It!  With the invaluable help of my Nae Regrets’ musicians I have begun exploring the ‘future vision’ I’ve held for my band — that Nae Regrets grows dynamically and do more stage performances.  To do this, we need a few things, and I am turning to the fans of Nae Regrets for support…

If you have photos/videos of Nae Regrets that you would be willing to allow my team to use as part of our promotional materials, please contact us.  Also — Seeking Musicians — talk to your friends, Nae Regrets is looking to add…

  • Drum Kit – While Nae Regrets has worked with great drummers, we need a skilled player willing to commit 99.98 to 160%.  Hurry now before Neil Peart auditions.
  • Bass – Nae Regrets would like to find someone who can play electric preferably with the addition of stand-up.
  • Singer(s) – An alto with strong skills and probably also a male vocalist; must have a willingness to learn weird Celtic songs, have creative abilities and a good commercial appearance.
  • Fiddle – Not Castro, we’d probably like to go electric.
  • Keyboard – Which would be… well, a keyboardist.
  • Guitar – Someone able to play both acoustic & electric.

BagpiperDon & Dwayne Perform Tina H.’s Birthday 15Dec2011

Pipes & Drum at the King County Arts Council Offices in Seattle

Dwayne & I produced a Nae Regrets-lite performance for Tina today at the King County Arts Council offices in downtown Seattle.  Amid their holiday celebration Tina requested a pipe & drum performance for her birthday — surprising her office-mates!

With few of her coworkers aware of our coming, we snuck in — through the front door, of course.  We started our performance half-way up the stairs to the second level of their offices with a rousing round of our Brown-haired Maiden set ending at the top of the stairs in the center of the surprised party.  We then rounded out our set debuting a jig-combo, a tune relative to the Harry Potter series, and finished with a bit of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” & the tried-and-true Scotland The Brave.

After our performance we found that there are a great group of people operating the King County Arts Council.  They received us well and we hope to play for them again!



Hiding out in their break-room







Dwayne & Don

Just your typical kilted office workers








There’s loud music in your office…







I think this is the first time Nae Regrets has performed in an office.

…and I reckon it was the first time bagpipes & a drum were used to rock-out in this office, too.






Big finish — BIG FINISH!








EGADS BagpiperDon, what’s that fuzz on your face?!?










New Site at!

Good bye to our old HTML friend…

Thank you for visiting the the New & Improved — just launched today!

My friend and web-master ninja, Barrett, built the new  The new site looks great and has even easier navigation.  Together, along with working out a few bugs, we’re doing some R&D on new features to the site like a Nae Regrets Radio — a page where fans can go to listen to recordings of shows and rehearsals.  As Soon As Possible I will be adding new content — if you have an article about Nae Regrets, perhaps talking about our performance or maybe reviewing our latest CD, please email it to me via the contact page — your article could be posted on the site!

The former HTML site served well, the last I heard it started its retirement by snow-birding in Arizona — we wish it all the best!

Northwest Folklife 2011 — Coming Soon to the Seattle Center!

Memorial Day Weekend 27-30 May 2011

Nae Regrets is excitedly ramping up for another Northwest Folklife — four days of outdoor playing to lively audiences with Nae Regrets’ style no-energy-held-back bagpipes & rock’n’roll drums.  This year we will be featuring some guest drummers, be sure to come out!  Also join Nae Regrets at Mick Finster’s in Edmonds on Monday evening for our after party — meet the band and get your CDs signed! (map of where Nae Regrets should be playing)

Special on Sunday around 3PM at NWFolklife we’re planning an all-out performance set including a Highland and Irish dancer.  Also joining us, I’m very pleased to announce, will be the alternate bellydance troupe Hands Of Kali.  Since 2003, troupe Hands Of Kali has been entertaining West Coast audiences with their unique brand of eclectic modern bellydance.  My prediction is that each of our contemporary art-form approaches will complement one another making for a one-of-a-kind performance not to be missed!

See Hands of Kali online    ‘Like’ Hands of Kali on Facebook

Before Northwest Folklife we should be launching a new website, slated to include a streaming-audio page.  On this page we intend to post recordings throughout the weekend of our performances.  We will be featuring these recordings for a limited time, so be sure to tune in!