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BagpiperDon & Dwayne Perform Tina H.’s Birthday 15Dec2011

Pipes & Drum at the King County Arts Council Offices in Seattle

Dwayne & I produced a Nae Regrets-lite performance for Tina today at the King County Arts Council offices in downtown Seattle.  Amid their holiday celebration Tina requested a pipe & drum performance for her birthday — surprising her office-mates!

With few of her coworkers aware of our coming, we snuck in — through the front door, of course.  We started our performance half-way up the stairs to the second level of their offices with a rousing round of our Brown-haired Maiden set ending at the top of the stairs in the center of the surprised party.  We then rounded out our set debuting a jig-combo, a tune relative to the Harry Potter series, and finished with a bit of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” & the tried-and-true Scotland The Brave.

After our performance we found that there are a great group of people operating the King County Arts Council.  They received us well and we hope to play for them again!



Hiding out in their break-room







Dwayne & Don

Just your typical kilted office workers








There’s loud music in your office…







I think this is the first time Nae Regrets has performed in an office.

…and I reckon it was the first time bagpipes & a drum were used to rock-out in this office, too.






Big finish — BIG FINISH!








EGADS BagpiperDon, what’s that fuzz on your face?!?










Mick Finster’s Annual St. Pat’s Celebration 2011

Nae Regrets pulls a St. Patrick’s Day Hat-Trick
13April2010 ~ by BagpiperDon

St. Patrick’s Day 2009 & 2010 were lively years at Mick Finster’s Pub & Grill performed by a contingent of Nae Regrets.  After playing 2010, Mick Finsters asked that Nae Regrets keep them on our calendar for St. Pat’s 2011.  With guests Ronnie-B on drum kit and Beatstock playing hand-drums, Nae Regrets performed three tight sets again receiving rave response from Mick Finsters’ guests — our last set being extra long, responded to by dancers.  Forecast calls for Nae Regrets to take musical command of Mick Finsters again in 2012 — so while you may have to wait another year, come out to hear us live, buy a CD, buy ten CDs, get some food and do some St.Pat’s celebrating! Visit Mick Finster’s pub & grill at MickFinsters.com.