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Free Copies of Widdendream at Northwest Folklife 2011

How to Get Yours Memorial Day Weekend (Follow The Instructions)
Every year since 2008 Nae Regrets has released a new album — and my aim is to make 2011 no different.  My people & I are hard at work on the next album — working title “Widdendream” — target release date Memorial Day Weekend.  As with last year, I will be offering free copies of this new body of work upon release Memorial Day weekend 2001 at Northwest Folklife Festival held at the Seattle Center.  Starting Friday morning at NWFL I, Bagpiper Don, will give away 1 copy per day to the first person who comes to me between a Nae Regrets performance with the free MP3s available on this page and can play them on any sort of mobile media device — an MP3 player, a CD player, heck I’m old-school I’d even take it on a portable cassette tape-deck, etc.  The first person each day who successfully plays the free tracks for me and tell me each title will receive a free copy of Nae Regrets album “Widdendream”.  Oh, and to be fair, you have to be someone neither I nor any of my Nae Regrets musicians already know, nor have gained one of the copies during a previous day’s give-away.  I may also have consolation prizes for the not-first-folks &/or the otherwise-first-folks who don’t have all the details correct.

BagpipeDiscs.com Now Carrying Nae Regrets’ CDs – Order Now!

At the 2010 Skagit Valley Highland Games in Mount Vernon Washington I met up with an associate of mine, Ian Lawther — proprietor of BagpipeDiscs.com, and a highly skilled Highland and Uilliean bagpipe player.  Ian accepted the first supply of Nae Regrets’ latest album “Alive at Northwest Folklife 2010”, immediately selling 2 copies, and following the weekend made our disc available through his website.  Since going into business, Ian has developed his company and website to carry a wide range of discs covering all aspects of piping — pipe bands, solo Scottish pipers, ancient piping styles all the way to the latest techno/fusion bagpipe albums, Northumbrian and Uilleann pipes and the various bagpipes of Europe.

BagpipeDiscs.com featuring Nae Regrets’ “Alive at Northwest Folklife 2009”