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Nae Regrets’ Playing St. Patrick’s Day 2012

17March2012 Tour … yeah, so what if its a 1-day tour?

Since St. Patrick’s Day 2009 Nae Regrets has played to lively Mick Finster’s Pub & Grill guests.  Mick Finster’s is great — they have asked that Nae Regrets keep them on our annual calendar & of course we aim to please!  We’re also planning other shows throughout the day around the greater-Greater Seattle Area — watch out for our schedule updates.  The 2012 line-up will be the power-trio of your favourite BassMan BriAn,  newly presenting Mike AKA “Thumper” on drum kit, and yours-truly playing Highland bagpipes like a banshee … but a male one of course, if they were to exist.  Presently Nae Regrets also looks to feature not one but two most-awesome bellydancers Seraphina Fiero and Deidra … oh yes, this is a no-miss one-day “Tour”.

St. Patrick’s Day 2012 Schedule
Mick Finster’s – 1hr set between 530 & 7PM 17Mar2012 WITH BELLYDANCERS
Private Party – 30min set around 8PM 17Mar2012

Mick Finster’s Annual St. Pat’s Celebration 2011

Nae Regrets pulls a St. Patrick’s Day Hat-Trick
13April2010 ~ by BagpiperDon

St. Patrick’s Day 2009 & 2010 were lively years at Mick Finster’s Pub & Grill performed by a contingent of Nae Regrets.  After playing 2010, Mick Finsters asked that Nae Regrets keep them on our calendar for St. Pat’s 2011.  With guests Ronnie-B on drum kit and Beatstock playing hand-drums, Nae Regrets performed three tight sets again receiving rave response from Mick Finsters’ guests — our last set being extra long, responded to by dancers.  Forecast calls for Nae Regrets to take musical command of Mick Finsters again in 2012 — so while you may have to wait another year, come out to hear us live, buy a CD, buy ten CDs, get some food and do some St.Pat’s celebrating! Visit Mick Finster’s pub & grill at MickFinsters.com.