Getting to play music is great. Occasionally a couple of bucks come in, which is nice too. We work our tails off and we enjoy it, but the fact of the matter is there are unsung people who support us — they help us, they give us stuff we need, they work for free or less than they charge but absolutely no less than they’re worth, and I’m grateful. In no particular order, I’ve established this space to give some acknowledgment to the people who have given to us — because you can only fit so much into liner notes.
Thank You, BagpiperDon

“I just keep saying ‘thank you’ because I don’t know what else to say.”
Dave Matthews


* * Annette & Jim M. for supporting our music, selling CDs while we play, opening your dining room table to a table of strangers who became friends and then hand-stuffed home-produced CDs for five hours the night before a BIG weekend of performing, for contributing to get “Alive at Northwest Folklife 2009” ready for production * Our Instructors its your fault we can play this stuff and THANK YOU for giving your best in our lessons so we could give our best when performing * Sam L. for doing the album artwork on Ceòl gu Brath EP in the 11th hour 2009 * Tommy & his staff at Ornaci Communication for producing very original and very pleasing album artwork for Alive at Northwest Folklife 2009 in the 11th hour 2010 (why is NR always completing albums to-date in the 11th hour?) * K for helping with CD text and promotional materials and web-stuff and picking-up various other loose ends * Mark O. for supporting our music and jumping-in at NWFolklife 2010 to further help in selling CDs and * Folks who Buy Nae Regrets’ CDs we love playing this stuff unusual stuff, we’re flattered when you listen and humbled when you want to take it home with you too * Composers & Arrangers Arron Shaw of Wicked Tinkers and Tim McCarthy for allowing use of their work for acknowledgment-only to help keep our costs down on making Alive at Northwest Folklife 2009 * Photographers who give permission for us to use your pictures – Jodi, Eric and Derrick * Friends & Family Members who come out to our public performances, buy our CDs and still talk to us later (sorry if you have no hearing afterward) * The Two Ladies with The Girlscouts of America at NWFolklife2010 operating storage for musicians who gave us a regular spot to keep our gear overnight and then meeting us every morning with smiles * Noodle Hut folks for feeding the band and letting us know how much they appreciated our playing at NWFolklife 2010 & 2011 * That Guy who gave me the necklas at the end of NWFolklife 2010 * Purists Who Say We’re “Doing It Wrong” …you’re welcome to your opinion, too * PaulHV thank you for your music contributions to Nae Regrets 2008-2010 … and? * *